Bill Foss is an internationally renowned visual artist. He has exhibited his works and performed concerts across the continental US as well as Europe. His artistic style has captured the imagination and hearts of people from all walks of life and all ages. During the last 2 decades Bill’s art has been prominently displayed at many fine institutions such as the New York Metropolitan Fine Arts Exhibit, The San Francisco Palace of Fine Arts, Los Angeles Conscious Life Expo, Scottsdale and Sedona Galleries, The I Am University and Gallery Steiner in Vienna Austria. Gorton Monastery, Manchester UK, and the Netherlands.

    Many private collectors from around the world have added Bill’s paintings to their private collections.

    The series, The Rock & Roll Art of Bill Foss is a collection of finely crafted large format paintings done in vibrant acrylics and specialty paints each with their own unique frame.

    This commemorative collection of many of the finest musicians, performers and artists that changed the face of modern music spans Bill’s career over 15 years. As you look into each painting you may connect with the colorful soul and true essence of each Rock & Roll musician. The paintings are done in a realistic style with surrealism settings and many parts of the paintings are pearlescent and fluorescent and will really pop under gallery or special lighting when portrayed in any unique wall hanging setting.

    The series is now available for purchase as a set or individually.

    Enjoy these wonderfully vibrant master works of art!


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